That thing I did.

Remember that thing I did? Well, I think I am close to the end of my 14-trial with Exposure. Although I have — or had — some ideas for it and like the concept and the way it works, I find myself stressing too much about it. I don’t want to just post a photo and have nothing to say about it. Also, I don’t think I take enough photos or have enough activities that I can post and talk about, like some of the accounts I have seen and follow. Instagram is less stressful, at least for me, you upload the picture add a line and some tags and you’re done. Don’t have to think about an entire blog post for a photo. I already have a blog to manage, I don’t need two. And since I closed my old account and opened a new one, I am much happier about it. It’s like a fresh start, and I like where my new account is going. Maybe I should just stick with Instagram for now? it’s easy to deal with, doesn’t require much time and maintenance. Is not like I am trying to create a business out of my photos, at least for now. I just want to share my photos and if I have something to say or a story to tell about a specific photo or adventure, I can always do it here. Maybe one day I will have a dedicated website for just photos but Instagram will do for now.

(Maybe I should check back on Squarespace)

Anyway, go and check out my Instagram account (Please!) and see if you like what you see there. 🙂