I did a thing.

For a while now I have been playing around with the idea of sharing my pictures in other ways rather than just Instagram. I know a lot of professional photographers share their work there and that’s how they get followers and some exposure. But a lot of them always say you should have a dedicated site for your work. I have had my account (Instagram) for years and to be honest I am getting a little tired of it. It’ getting out of hand a little bit, the overflow of advertisements and the way the timeline works now, I don’t like it. I started brainstorming a bit, whether or not I should post all my photos here on my blog or have a dedicated place for just that. In the past few months, I have tried a few of different services or places. First I tried Squarespace, they have beautiful templates and was easy to set up but ultimately it didn’t work the way I wanted. Then I joined Micro.blog and played around and yet again not exactly what I needed. A while ago I came across with a service called Exposure.

What is Exposure?

Exposure is a tool to create beautiful photo narratives. It’s also a community of passionate photographers and storytellers. Exposure is a great place to tell your photo stories.

I’m on my second day or so of a 14-day trial and so far I’m loving it. It is super easy to set up and to upload photos to. I think the best part — for me — is that you can upload photos and create stories using your mobile device without having to download an app. The basic idea is to upload a bunch of pictures, create a description (or a story) and publish (I guess you could also just upload a single photo and tell a “story” based on that single photo too). Like I said I am still in the trial period to see how it works for me. If you would, please go check out my Exposure site, let me know what you think or give me a follow. I have a lot of ideas of “stories” I want to make. At this point I’m still keeping my Instagram active and posting, but who knows how long.

In other news! Still unemployed, it has been 174 days (but who’s counting?) and I am so disappointed on Dynasty Warriors 9 — the worse game in the series ever.

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