164 days

It has been 164 days since I had been forced to leave “my village”. I had lived in this village for 5-plus years, give or take, and I loved it there. It was a nice lovely place, I didn’t mind the early hours, the chores or the occasional troll attacks — I was content. But things changed, things got a little difficult for everybody in the village. Although we were promised many things by the village’s elders, they always seem to have a hidden agenda of sorts. So most of the villagers were unhappy and stressed, I included. Others were indifferent to the situation and didn’t mind much “there’s nothing to worry about” — some said — “we will all be fine, you will see little one” — little did I know.

And thus I was forced to leave the village. Despite my anger and frustration, I do take a lot of good things with me. It was a fantastic growing experience, I have made many many good friends — some even family now — that had always been there for me. I had really good mentors and awesome co-villagers. Had those that would say “it’s dangerous to go outside alone, take this sword with you” or “here’s some healing potions ” as well as the ones that were just not very helpful and difficult. The schemers, the liars and the “nobodies”.

It has been one hundred and sixty-four days and I am still sad (and a bit angry) of what happened. To this day I don’t know what happened or the reasons I was forced to leave. I am still wondering the wild-lands looking for a new village where I can bring my skills and grow within. I do wish all the best to the people that still live there and hoping things get better for them.

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